Birthday card by Toony Navok

by Anna Kopito | 11.08.14

It has been two years since Telavivian was launched and we are celebrating it by sharing works from some of our favorite Israeli artists. This birthday card was created by the Israeli artist, Toony Navok.

Toony Navok was born in Tel Aviv, where she currently lives and work. Navok earned a BA in Design and later continued to art studies at the Bezalel Academy’s MFA program. Design is still a major reference in her work and a mean to address issues like cultural identity, representation, taste and modernism. With a strong link to performance, Navok sees her works as performative sculptures and drawings made in the studio in an intuitive act. Her drawings are, in a way, two dimensional sculptures, while her sculptures can be seen as a continuation of her drawings in three dimensions. Her recent large scale sculptures are made of industrial elements such as pipes, aluminum poles, pvc fabrics and metal surfaces along with cleaning products. By means of popular Israeli design codes and by using everyday products in conjunction with a glance to past canonic periods in art history, Navok ironically examines the formalistic, abstract core to be found at the heart of our relation of our culture to cleaning, body and dirt. Toony Navok is currently working with Noga Gallery in Tel Aviv where she has exhibited her last solo show –  Origins.


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